Taobao moved to rock his feet curve salvation dream shattered

recently, Baidu blocked a number of so-called "Taobao" website, automatic generation, by stopping the machine included these highly repetitive content shopping guide website, purify the network environment, enhance the use of the search user experience, get a group of visionary Internet webmaster appreciation. Soon, Taobao issued a statement to blame Baidu practice violated the public’s right to know, damage the interests of the webmaster Taobao guest".

Taobao flustered because it is marked as can be imagined, the "Quxianjiuguo" dream out, once again proved its do "shooting itself in the foot. Everybody moved the bench to watch the fun.

what is the "Quxianjiuguo"? In the past, Taobao screen Baidu crawler to grab, how arrogant! Although oral is very powerful, it is really a shield Baidu Taobao network to damage the interests of damage to the Amoy friends of the right to know, fundamentally damaging Taobao’s own interests — the flow of Taobao drop. Under the pressure of helplessness, Taobao management of those rusty bad head melon and mind a plan to push the Taobao off!


Ke bluntly, is that some shopping guide website. After Taobao blocked Baidu boasts out, Taobao outside the shopping site can not say to ban Baidu ah. Baidu’s traffic into the shopping guide website, and then through the shopping site into Taobao, the loss of flow from Baidu will never back up, not all together live? Indeed, the abacus Taobao playing very fine. But, like martial arts master xiepai, Taobao practice obsessed.

in order to let more webmaster to join Taobao off as soon as possible, to help Taobao pull flow, Taobao provides a large website template, API interface, and with a monthly income of ten thousand "lie pull webmaster water, resulting in a large number of user experience and content of a high degree of overlap, low waste site, Baidu has been blocked in the final expected.


to Quxianjiuguo hopes through Taobao, Taobao’s next move will be what


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