Shanghai Longfeng refused to the title of the party in the art of seduction

many people see this picture will feel that erotic like the article, and then carefully look down that is not what you imagine, perhaps you also had such a tricky family, to prove his or her evil thoughts and so on, these are actually funny in the title of the party.

in the world of Internet is never a lack of information, there is never lack of novelty, so the Internet can create attractive, think of the title of the party should be one of them, why? Use a variety of creative title called "title party" is the Internet to attract users in order to reach the eye, a variety of purposes, for the pursuit of purpose, and tempting title seriously exaggerated words to write out the content and the title is often completely irrelevant or not, although these can attract users to click on the effective.

so here in Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers have to think about it, if the Internet there are too many such "the art of seduction" the title of the party, the effect of you if you continue to love you as can be imagined, Shanghai said "user experience" that can only be said to be a burlesque. Every field, the user can not get from anything you want, for a long time no one would go to search, will also form a good habit of reading, the professional website construction.

although it can make your website to attract a lot of users, but the result is some phishing sites as can be imagined, to trick search users to use such means, as a professional website optimization Peida network that the title of the party has its lessons, it is learned from the kind of clever ideas and the way of thinking, expression exaggeration is not false, firmly grasp the user’s habits develop in the daily optimization and content construction.

people encounter this title really belong to a natural phenomenon of the habit, start network of Shanghai dragon city that title for a web site, is undoubtedly a very important part, it can play a summary of content, to attract users, guide the user behavior and the important role of Shanghai Longfeng optimization for the search engine will crawl web content after sorting, presented to the user’s search is the same title, determine whether the user click search results and browse the reasons, in most cases is the title written is excellent, can cause the user’s click.

on the Internet, although many users, but because of the huge amount of information, high degree of duplication of information, which resulted in a very strange phenomenon, all Internet users are busy users when browsing the web as a martial arts master, searching, scanning, leave, set of actions such as shape such as water, professional the institution of special statistical Internet browsing habits, find a user to a site, only 3~5 seconds can be used to be convinced, if 3~5 seconds, the visitor was convinced this site will continue to stay down, in-depth view, that is left back.


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