After our website why pomegranate algorithm included instability


site its stability is related to the ultimate development of the site, it can be said that the current more than 4 of the site to be search engine hair is pulled because the site from the unstable, and this instability is mainly summarized as: the domain name DNS is not stable, unstable, unstable, web site host program is not stable. Can be said that any of the four items in a position can influence the site in the search engine, so as a webmaster we choose the domain name registrar must choose the brand name, although a little expensive but it does have value; when DNS bind to the DP binding I suggest, the non general DNS can be compared; as for host and website of the program, the author thinks that can use appropriate quality point or charges, although in the early investment is to engage in some, but wins in practicality and reality, can help webmasters solve many difficulties.

algorithm for pomegranate stationmaster friends to bring pressure, but as an ordinary station.

may be a part of the owners believe that as long as the content of the title and reproduced with the title as we can, so that Shanghai will not find love spiders, in fact no matter how you change your webmaster, as long as the content is not edited out, love Shanghai search engine can determine the content of your site is copied to the content. Your site will be as low quality site evaluation, so the author’s view is: no matter what you do industry website, we can go to learn the contents of thoughts and ideas of others, and then through the language or organize their own reference to other famous quotes, the view to edit, the content is better than content the effect of plagiarism and reproduced 10 times. This truth tells us in web content creation must be an editor, regardless of our content of thought how backward, no matter what we thought so wrong, but the content must be an editor.

site itself strong stability, less affected by search engines

also recently appeared in a part of your website is very unstable, was waiting for the afternoon when searching site and disappears in the morning included page, second days will be included, in the afternoon will disappear, web page included unstable let the webmaster friends feel fear, in fact, we do not need the webmaster friends worry about your website, as long as do some search engines regardless of how changes in our website will not have too much influence.

in the upcoming seemed to spin up the stationmaster thought, 12 years from the beginning of June love Shanghai fight low quality site until now, many websites can be said to have changed, but the transition from March this year began to drop again, now many sites returned by gathering for a living, by for reprint of the situation, in the face of this situation, the pomegranate algorithm can be said to be the source of pressure from the webmaster friends.

Although the

content must own editing, no matter how many reference or reference

Pomegranate algorithm

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