2012 core network marketing search engine keyword marketing window


value of search engine keyword marketing window where

what is the search engine keyword window, cite a simple example, for example, we search for the words "Youyang fruit mask machine" in love in Shanghai, love Shanghai in search results first ranking uyang fruit mask machine official website, the address is 贵族宝贝 www.***.cn. The second is about Youyang fruit mask information classification, and Youyang mask machine of fruits and vegetables published in the news portal brand soft, know quiz, Youyang mask machine of fruits and vegetables and on the video site fragment, Youyang love Shanghai Encyclopedia of information are presented in the search results on top position. This information is all about the keyword "Youyang fruit mask machine" for search engine rankings of careful planning and layout, as an information window keywords "Youyang fruit mask machine" he displayed in the search engine, so we called the search engine marketing key word window.

search engine, such as Shanghai, as everyone knows love noble baby, YAHOO, Sogou, search engine query tool. Today the Internet people already in the subconscious in the search engine as the Internet every day must be a query tool. Especially today in the search engine market share a dominant pattern, and what users want to want to find what, want to know what love is, know all about Shanghai

is now highly popular Internet applications, the Internet search market unprecedented prosperity, in the network marketing search engine marketing is the enterprise network marketing priority among priorities, is unable to or lack of core content. A corporate website or corporate information from search engine query tool, enterprise web presence will become information islands, enterprise Internet presence information will be the source of water, the lack of motive power flow. Therefore, we according to the Internet marketing experience, the core of network marketing in 2012 Internet companies, will be the search engine marketing window.

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is an ordinary Internet users, or an ordinary consumer, in search of a keyword search information box, first show the users information on the keywords represents a potential demand, can also be attributed to potential buyers of the key products. In the search engine such as love Shanghai search, users want to see the first keyword represented by the website, of course page may have paid the keyword advertising links, with search engine optimization ranking website, may also see other non independent websites such as information, classification and the related keywords publishing platform the information, or the consumer’s reputation or product quiz, video clips, or enterprise love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, library and so on, to some extent, we can determine if the information in the search engine keywords the window position, such as search results before the first, second, third page, the search results are likely to be Internet information click and view. Any advertising information only by netizens "


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