Through the analysis of search engine website keywords ranking to more stable

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is the center of keywords, then looking for key vocabulary, keywords center is a guide for you, you should notice it find the keywords, with this designation, you can use various ways to find relevant keywords and keyword center, but these words in the search when there is a yardstick the user may use the keywords to find. A website is not enough content is impossible to get good rankings, so it also needs to find a lot of keywords, the keywords the user can think of, no matter whether violent competition, will take over as for key words is more commonly used, such as the love sea search; love Shanghai index; noble baby. >

2 column and channel keywords.

4, looking for the key word.

first center what keywords? Perhaps a lot of people do not know, do not share it carefully, but I think about people or there is a need to know. We have set the key channels and columns, and these words also is the center of our keywords, but the center is not just about these keywords, some small sites may determine the two step and determine the channel column with the keyword keyword heart one step, this is not possible.


we all know, we often put their own keywords to suspend the classification, long tail keywords, such as we have always said the center of keywords, keywords and so on the first step of the main objective, and what we do is make sure that the website main keywords, do what aspects, in order to help you better understand me. For example, for example my site weight class, we look at it, the station is to lose weight, first we look at this site keywords, see page of the source file, we can find such a sentence: This is the website keywords, do is lose weight.

1 home key.

analysis in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very important, this is every Shanghai dragon must understand, often only keyword analysis and the role of good keyword optimization is also very important, but with practice but not careful explanation, a stop of the reasons for this is also the new optimization in the process of. Today I together with you to exchange your keywords in the search engine optimization function, which is already the old promble, do the keywords is that each new will demand through the process, I will I this time learning experience to share with you.

3 key words.

home certainly down, the next step is to suspend the coiled home key column and channel division, which of course is a part of key words, actually every kind of website is the same, in the website before must have had their own ideas, to understand their industry also, so this is not part of the problem.

Keywords Sure,

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