On the web site is down right after the owners should take

. Cancel Links, do a silent March website.


web site is down right after, don’t forget to love Shanghai statistics.

owners will be faced with a problem in the process of the site: the site is down right. There are many webmaster doubt upon the right to the website search engine after how long to recover? In fact, right down the website does not mean the site was K, the recovery time and the webmaster are closely related, if done well or 5 days can be restored, restore the site included rankings, if the execution is not enough a few weeks, even months are not restored, let us look at the webmaster should adopt which means to restore the site.


love Shanghai products for their web site plus 5 points, do not underestimate this 5 points, at a critical time to take action is very large, perhaps your website is a function of the use of love Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics can not only increase the website friendly, also can through the love of Shanghai statistics inside Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, site speed quick diagnosis of.

The Four.

may have many webmaster will think the cancellation of Links not represent the website more passive? In fact, cancel the Links equivalent of a self preservation process, it can be a contraction defense anti what is the meaning of Links, cancel after the first thing is to organize the web content, re planning layout, etc. the content of the website finishing well, site to re layout is the website of "life" road to add one to 2 Links.

site is down right after, there may be many pages have been deleted, and then re layout of the site when remember to do a site map must, to be a comprehensive collection of search engines through the plugin to make their sites, such sites once the time of recovery may be able to get a good ranking, webmaster it will feel very happy for their harvest.

The majority of

two. Adhere to the essential original content and high quality of the chain.

three. Add the site map plugin, let search engine search website.

site is down right is not content, the chain is not stable, the chain is K, the space is not stable and so on, meet the site is down right, never die, check and check the website space dead link is a priority, if there is no link quickly removed, the space is not stable and take a reasonable approach for a space is feasible, then these are good, the daily update original content is very feasible, updated daily 2 to 3 pieces of high quality original content to improve the search engine friendliness is very helpful, insist that every increase in the number of the chain can effectively attract the search engine to search engines will climb your site you may restore the site the opportunity to come.

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