When love Shanghai bidding encounter malicious click how to do

1, modify the keywords, avoid hot keywords and high price. The breakdown of the product name, select the segments after the product name. For example, advertising fan, a single click on the cost of 15 yuan, and the choice of PP advertising fan, advertising fan long handle and other words, the first single click can reduce costs; second, to avoid the most malicious click (usually for malicious click the price is very high, and very popular keywords), usually third, users search keywords segmentation the turnover rate is higher (search advertising fan, may want to know what is the advertising fan, or want to find some advertising fan pictures, not necessarily for advertising fan manufacturers). Here, the Cangnan Sun Network Based on the statistical results of many years of work experience and log ten web site counter, the keywords we recommend several types, the first type, to keywords and regional prefix, such as Cangnan Wenzhou advertising fan, advertising fan, advertising fan in Zhejiang; the second type, to key words with the suffix, such as advertising fan manufacturers, advertising fan wholesale; third types are subdivided according to product classification and different features, such as PP plastic advertising fan, advertising fan, O fan handle, seven fan, advertising fan and so on long shank rivet. To search the user according to the 3 keywords, general access site, inquiry the possibility of more than 80%, excluding the price factor, the possibility of single turnover basically above 50%.

in Google search engine China exit, love Shanghai auction of a single large enterprises, the main complaints to no avail, business owners how to avoid malicious clicks, avoid unnecessary losses? Cangnan sun network through more information, for business owners launched several solutions, to avoid malicious click bring greater losses you:

2, stagger the promotion area, promotion time, the daily limit of promotion expenses limit. General malicious click is divided into two kinds, one is love Shanghai bidding agents, some agents in order to achieve faster consumption of enterprises in Shanghai auction in the balance of love, by human or software, to their customers.

5-8 in the annual advertising fan of the hot season, with the main emphasis on enterprise network marketing deepened, various plastic advertising fan manufacturers invested more money in Shanghai in the promotion of love. However, malicious click make business owners in the promotion cost more and more low, the regional agent love Shanghai, malicious click event for business owners to reflect, the more deep damage to the enterprises malicious click. A Cangnan sun network of customers, we have several times to complain, in the hot summer season, "single click advertising fan" the word reached 10-15 yuan; the price is still followed, the client suffered a devastating malicious click, just 10 minutes, 300 yuan is a click on the promotion expenses, and hits so much, but no one asked the customer product information. From the third party counter, found only 3-5 seconds each click interval at least, IP addresses in a concentrated area, and through the days of continuous tracking, found with IP every day Click events.

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