Write original why people have been gradually retire

on the other hand, original work needs a long-term process of accumulation, an original will be able to own carefully maintained website, personal blogs bring results, that is nonsense, say the original pay no long-term returns, is a bottomless pit for them, not to see the light, will gradually retire, because they found that in fact do not write original, may also have more time and energy to do other work, so he lost patience and confidence.

on the one hand, according to the observation can be found, write original links, as long as the layout is good enough, it is easy to drive the long tail keywords, now the link effect has been less than in the past, even if the original is put to other blogs or from the media platform, a long time, the so-called original link will be slowly there is not abandoned, value, value, eventually became a zombie chain. Faced with this situation, is actually a blow to the original.

? Although

to the website and blog do better, update the original content, to provide users with valuable information is one of the key, since the original escape, why more and more owners are away? We can find that the person is not willing to write original writing, but found that after writing the value but not the before the bright, but struggled to make painstaking efforts, hard to write original, is brought down.

see more and more of the original to retire, but from another perspective, in fact not so pessimistic, difficult to walk the road does not represent or not, find a way to a steady stream of important, can hold on for a long time the original, there will always be a harvest. The original is to find their own purpose, if the original is not to make money, it should not be held to write more original can earn more money mentality, method, again how hard is a failure, then spend more time to think about how to write the original to make money, even if it is a a day, is enough, is not only in essence.

the above two seemingly surface, is often many original voice, the original really time-consuming, they did not have time to wait no deadline. Furthermore, return to the original problem in common, that is the depletion of resources, when you are in an industry for a long time, every day around the industry related topics to write original, going around in circles, each theme write times, you might say, the same theme can be written in different content, of course, if the original such does the same, what can finally write? The resource depletion, mining will be fresh things another original, there is no estimate of who can do to do the original with the original infinite power limited.

to write a original actually enhance the value of the skills, as long as the skill well, then the original was worth keeping, as for the retreat phenomenon, mostly can not see the future and lost confidence, but is not.

as everyone knows, the original is important, but in the website and blog platform to write an original but slowly decreased, the emergence of a retreat phenomenon, which is why

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