Three key factors on the conversion rate of the site

is a successful high conversion rate of the site needs from all aspects of the details of the optimization. Without the correct direction, blindly will only make your site edge to failure. The Taobao crown shop.

site optimization ranking or site user experience? Webmasters may be grappling with this question, the author thinks that there does not exist differences, if you just ask the optimization, and ignore the user friendly experience it, you will eventually got sesame lost watermelon. Our ultimate goal is to realize the optimization of improving conversion rate and flow at the same time, in the user’s point of view to optimize your site to get real benefits. If you in the wrong direction, and ultimately can only be empty.

if we put the site’s traffic as the basis of the site operation of words, so flow conversion is the basis of the profit. The main purpose of the site is for profit, no profit site unless it is otherwise unable to go public sites, in the intense competition of Internet life. And especially for the electronic commerce website, low conversion rate means that the failure of the site. The reason of the low conversion rate is not so untraceable, and access is not proportional to the conversion of regret is mainly composed of several factors which cause of this problem? I will share some of their own experiences three.

: first select your key no value or value is not high

for this problem, we can from the website backstage data in the detection of clues. We can analyze this problem from the visitors browsing depth and residence time of visitors, as shown above. If your keywords ranking is good, but the structure and layout of the web site is a mess of words, you can imagine what a visitors have the patience to information on the site in a mess. At the same time a bad structure and layout will also for your enterprise and brand image of the product as the influence, affect the conversion rate.

two: the structure and layout of the site

three: the site’s user experience bad

is the first problem to select keywords every webmaster all need to face the selected search traffic is not the most important, it is important to select the keywords you can obtain the target flow. We can say, for example, a word: "clothing manufacturing", the word search volume is objective, and your site is to the clothing sales, so when you select the keywords keywords optimization as the main optimization, and put the word do home but you fall in love with the sea. You will find that although the traffic has increased, but the conversion rate is lagging. In fact, as long as we analyze will find the users using this keyword search is not the main purpose in order to buy clothes. So for us to select key needs to consider the user search keywords purpose of choice, in order to achieve the best effect.


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