Layout skills of Shanghai Longfeng content optimization and page

can bring to a website more clicks and traffic? And have more keywords can have better ranking? I think this is a member of Shanghai Longfeng staff want to know, and to work hard in the direction of. We do optimization is not only to look to the search engines, more is to provide users with better service and experience. As the saying goes, the customer serve well, will bring the benefits of less

how to bring a better user experience? This is related to the optimization and layout of our website content skills, following me to explain their understanding of how to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng content optimization, and the overall layout of the skills.

site layout quality, determines whether the user will continue to hit the key into the view, so in the design layout, the structure of the site to the flat structure bias, and to reduce the site directory hierarchy, it not only clearly, for users to browse, also convenient spider crawling. The reasonable distribution of each module, make the website at a glance.

website page to do three-dimensional, increase the connecting path between the home page and inside pages (such as the breadcrumb navigation); and the reasonable use of the site map;



site control, we should use robots.txt shield JS, CSS files without meaning, don’t need the weight of the page. Reduce weight dispersion.

3. content updates, the original relationship with

content update frequency determines the spider included, also bring more traffic to the site, if a site is not updated for a long time, so that users don’t want to.

user is from left to right, from the top to the bottom of the F browser, so the use of this feature we can better know which one important priority allocation module module weight.

The The weight of

at the same time we want to keep the site’s content, not related to readily copy things who do not want to see.

How The overall layout of the reasonable title Originality and relevance to

2. web content editor

a title is good or bad, determines whether the user click condition. So the benefits of good content to bring the title as can be imagined.

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