Electricity supplier how to steady development from vertical to horizontal development

2012 is China’s electricity supplier in the winter, a number of groups fell or was the acquisition of electricity suppliers will be a symbol of Chinese electricity providers on a pessimistic. As we are familiar with the personal clothing brand D web, mainly to group purchase Groupon, jointly built by Japan Lotte Group and Baidu cool days, and has been the beginning of VANCL acquisition, etc.. However, in 2012 Chinese business has been bad mouthing and spread to 2013 at the same time, there are more business on the rise, but the current is called "counter attack" China electricity supplier vip.com, fourth quarter earnings announcement, seems to explain to people that the spring has come, the electricity supplier. So, the winter is not gone, spring has come from? We China process to analyze the development of the electricity supplier, electricity supplier will China why the downturn in the collective, and some people are still optimistic about the Chinese business and have begun to make the overall layout.

Chinese a proverb, it is easy to city, mean, to capture a city is very easy, but to hold the city by others to plunder is difficult. This sentence, not only in the military war can be used, but also in the fierce competition in the market as applicable. Back in 2012 the electricity supplier have fallen, you will find that they are only in our lives as the fireworks blooming moment, we are familiar with, but soon, they fall. Why Chinese electricity supplier is difficult to profit, why Taobao can remain profitable, but the same is dangdang.com, Jingdong B2C open platform has kept burning state? Why China as the three technology giants Tencent electricity supplier in terms of abnormal low-key unknown to the public at a time when the development of the rapid development of the electricity supplier, or collective downturn is still focused on the service project other users of


after all, that is to say, Chinese business hasn’t found a clear path of development, there is not a universal way to save these still struggling in the electricity supplier in the world of business, do not only stop the burn themselves, but eventually fell to escape the doom, a little clever when will the biggest waves, and put yourself in others under the wings of the sale, although they are not complete, but in the development of methods under the condition of not clear, can avoid the fall of doom. Maybe this is why our electricity industry is still big mountains, and will not become more mountain or even cause the replaced


we review the development of the electricity supplier, is not to rely on their own independent advantage, or mode of operation or advantage richly endowed by nature developed, and this development, without exception due to us with a keen eye and the fast development of Founder determined objective means, which we can from the current the rapid development of the electricity supplier brand mall at one or two Jingdong. In the past few years, Liu Qiangdong called Chinese e-commerce frenzy is the most representative wilderness lawrence. An average annual growth rate of over 200% over the past nine years, as well as up to $one billion of financing

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