Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain beta version of keyword tool use experience

screenshot of a private letter, immediately


then entered the tool area, sidebar menu Webmaster Tools two more options, "chain upgrade tool" and "search keyword search upgrade". We first entered the upgraded version of the tool chain.


Keywords: custom window

: new foreigner chain details page


: the new

is very lucky to get the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform beta qualifications. No. 21 has been concerned about dynamic Webmaster Platform and Sina micro-blog. Begin by Webmaster Platform on leaving the mailbox of an email, but there has been no news. Then through the micro-blog application, finally received congratulations for love Shanghai Webmaster Platform beta qualifications "private letter.


in the chain list, point to open any of the links will pop up the chain with information window. There is little difference in the Beta version is the "anchor text" to express the chain anchor text, but the text is not the only form of text location. In the beta version of "anchor text" is replaced by "link name", the revised terms should be more accurate to say, the new version even subtle also under the foot.

compare the old and new version of the Beta version of the default can only check outside the chain of this site, and the beta version more than an input box. Just enter a web address can query information outside the chain, this is indeed a lot of convenience. In the beta version also adds a page to display the number of selected features, is improved user experience.


: love sent to Shanghai Webmaster Platform micro-blog





tool chain compared with foreignersOutside the chain of tools

: the new


tool entrance

beta chain tools use experience


can’t wait to open the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, login will pop up a popular pop, the effect is also eligible to receive beta congratulations on. But only in a few times showing the login started, but I now have no login, so it can not screenshot.

keyword tool compared to the old version is also some improvement: one is the increase in the number of query keywords. The Beta version listed in the 10 words, for Adsense reference effect. The new version is paging display all in love is to show the Shanghai search keywords, this is a good news for the majority of owners; another optimization is that you can customize their own keywords of concern, the number limit is 50.


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