How to get rid of unwanted behavior let Web site optimization improve the optimization efficiency

80% webmaster the website code gets on the Internet, perhaps this part of the webmaster think website code has little effect on the website, but I tell you that a streamlined website code is definitely better than a complex site code effect, when the search engine spiders crawl the website will have some comparability: 1 is the site of the code format whether there is diverse, if the various formats of the code are so that web search engines generally will only capture its home page; 2 is the site code is not comprehensive, loop loop, map site code is better than a single grab the effects of the code.

now many webmaster in the optimization of the website is felt by the goal is not reached, there is a part of the webmaster website or is down right or be search engine K, these phenomena are fully illustrates many webmaster in the optimization of the website is useless.

free program, now station method many sites are taken with free self-help Station, this kind of mode on the surface is not what impact on the website, but from the long-term development of the site, and the drawbacks of free self-help Station highlights out: one is no Follow-Up Services that made the website friends all know that we are unlikely to get any Follow-Up Services support in the use of free things; two is no specific solution, we use some of the free and self things, no matter which side of the error, as a webmaster we can only from the surface to from outside to inside, step by step to check, do not have any specific solutions; three major defects can not be repaired, using some unstable things The site, often there will be some drawbacks, and these disadvantages once the expansion station >

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is a very simple example: Xiao Wang is a training site, 300 is the site of the loading speed, but also with Li Wang do website but its website as like as two peas, loading rate is 800, but in the same conditions, the two who included the first website ranking in here I can? Clearly tell you Webmaster: under the same conditions, the stability of web page loading speed and established the website ranking, so when the owners in the choice of the host to the selection of the domestic double host, also in the selection of the host brand best choice of brand service providers, hosting a key role on the site speed of play.

web page code to streamline to streamline the

with the Shanghai public green love algorithm, the algorithm now pomegranate is about to take effect, in the face of changing love Shanghai search engine, as an ordinary webmaster and how to grasp the ultimate development of the website? The author detailed talk about how to improve the three elements of power take-off site.

website optimization is not careful the emergence of a large number of errors in the

web page open speed stable and fast

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