The user experience of the website you handle it

Original 1.

original article is completely by their own thinking to write articles, which included rate obviously, love Shanghai is very recognized on the original article. In fact, we all know the importance of the original, >


quality to enhance the user experience of the method, a word with, say, do have difficulty. High quality article is nothing more than to attract users after reading can resonate with the user, the content to help him. As a small business station, real experience to write original articles of bitterness and not easily, if there is no clear idea of the head, brains are written really price real dry cargo ship. According to the previous small website promotion experience, summed up the following three webmaster writing methods most commonly used in the preparation of other sites on the content of the article.

(pseudo original put all sorts of things together) tool) Through the

is well known, what is the most important user experience of the website promotion?. Now in addition to sea love weight, also pay more attention to user experience, therefore, improve the user experience, website promotion is the only proper course to take. Customer satisfaction is the core in website promotion, good user experience is essential.

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acquisition software (

based on the stable degree of user experience, the quality is the embodiment of website promotion in primary. According to reliable sources of knowledge, a major update in the month before the end of the Shanghai love algorithm will be, by the attention of the user experience. Figure 1.


article predecessor Lu Songsong in the blog. You can the upcoming update is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. greatly. So, for the search engines, write a web site directly determines the quality of the site. If the user enters your website through your chain, but the structure of your site content is out of order, it directly affects the favorability of the users of the site, which reduced the rate back to your web site. On the other hand, the content of the website structure in order to you, give the user a good impression. 80% of the two visit, many users will visit your site. Directly improve the conversion rate of the site, which also brought traffic to the site.


pseudo original is essentially in the original article on the basis of other pseudo original tools for some or most of the changes, only to replace words and punctuation, is still the original model. Or in other articles, the interception of a patchwork. Whether the pseudo original in Shanghai Dragon Master fought for many years one can see the flaws.

is now very popular on the Internet by the acquisition software for writing, through the auxiliary tool, automatic generation of an article. This software as fast and convenient. It is a method of the biggest flaw in writing articles, the method not only pay attention to quantity and quality, in this era of the content is king is highly desirable.

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