See the search game Commander enterprise stand and independent blog

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company is how to do the chain? Most of the Shanghai dragon Er company to the "original" and not too seriously, so rarely contribute phenomenon. The link is not by a large number of labor mass, is the use of mass tool mass. In Links is more suspicion, and even many companies would rather buy single rather than make a friendship exchange. But in a personal blog, but few have so phenomenon. Because the content of the original, so will be concern, the chain transfer is more diverse, with the mutual chain between more high quality. Of course, things are not absolute, some do

had to say a little, in the general Shanghai Longfeng enterprises to optimize the site, the most is not how to write. Not to disclose how much real significance of the article. After all, what are written to understand, the customer is not necessary to do list for you. Shanghai Longfeng blog is different, most of the blogs in technical articles to ensure, rarely a few words of the content of the article summarized hastily. In addition, in the company, even the Shanghai dragon could not focus as they do, after all, is responsible for the business is not so simple like blog. Work time and energy companies are not allowed to put too much effort in writing Shanghai dragon Er, more time is responsible for customer consultation and optimization services. But in the search engine, the action of content must have not many people know. Independent blog high quality original, often is one of the most popular search engine and the concern of the

in the enterprise website construction, mostly all use CMS site, its structure are relatively more complex at the same time, sometimes for propaganda enterprise image and professionalism, the creation of a large number of "special effects, big pictures, FLASH, led to the search engine included unfriendly. But in contrast, the blog has more advantages of simple structure, often only a few pages will outline the overall structure of the site. The search engine index included in equal time, but can climb over more pages. In addition most of enterprises lack of web map, popular tags and other advantages, and blog program but mostly support such

four: independent blog more "popular"

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program structure ?

blog is how to develop their own traffic? Enterprise station often just pure by media advertising or key click get traffic. Independent blog has many.

two: comparison of

search engine rankings in the complex rules, driven by booming Shanghai dragon industry. This leads to the existence of website optimization services, which is divided into two categories: the company based in Shanghai Longfeng optimization services, team or individual Shanghai dragon! However in the development process, seemingly more human resources business has always been independent blogs out, why? The game station and independent blog, why be so

three: link contrast

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