Jinzhong to build the agricultural business platform 76 thousand farmers selling vegetables on the

only Yuci District, last night, under the 370 orders, the transaction amount of nearly $20 thousand, of which the sale of agricultural products accounted for 40%." In September 28th, the general manager of Jinzhong Tian Lin software technology services company principle, excitedly introduced "Huinong mall" increase income of farmers in Jinzhong trading results to reporters. "Huinong mall" is the city of Jinzhong tailored business platform is the extension and upgrading of farmers’ income, the income of the farmers understand the card. Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of agriculture to give a positive evaluation, that is the future direction of the development of rural e-commerce.

principle, said: there is no ‘farmers’ income to understand the card’ there is no increase in farmers’ income, farmers’ income network in turn, and promote the ‘farmers’ income card’ effective use." 2008, Jinzhong began to promote the farmers understand the card, and gradually covering the city’s 800 thousand farmers. In November last year, the company is responsible for technical support of the company, under the support of the government began to explore the construction of electronic card. In July 6th this year, the province opened the first farmers to increase the income of rural e-commerce business model was officially launched, unexpected is that the majority of farmers involved in the enthusiasm is very high. By mid September, more than 230 thousand farmers for farmers to understand the electronic card upgrade farmers, 76 thousand farmers rely on the "Hui Nong mall" Office of the real name system for online shop, selling more than 50 kinds of agricultural and sideline products, farm supply 15, total sales of 2 million 60 thousand yuan, the stock value more than 9000 yuan.

net income of farmers in Jinzhong "agricultural mall" with the common business platform is different, its specialized services specifically for the farmers, farmers’ income. Jinzhong farmers as long as know their information through the mobile phone card, login to increase farmers’ income net, to be registered as "Hui Nong mall" real name system owner, can always put their own kinds of vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products on the Internet to sell their own pricing, at home. At the same time, local farmers also butt more than 500 merchants, farmers can instantly turned from the upstream business consumer terminal, buy fertilizer, feed and other production data from the Internet and even the provincial capital and county, the store sold daily necessities. As for the characteristics of rural market, Tian Lin also set up its own logistics team, set up branches in the 12 counties, towns set up e-commerce service station, a village village, bear the node functions of rural logistics system, to help farmers achieve online and offline transactions. At the same time, farmers also realized the mobile phone network to understand card application, ask rural policy, enterprise business households, township bazaars, farmers shop, social services and other six functions.

Jinzhong municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Pu said that the new mode of e-commerce in rural areas of Jinzhong created, is an effective measure to increase farmers’ income that card to extend the function of the modern business philosophy is to solve the three rural service "last mile" problem of exploration, but also try to transform government functions, innovative services, to help farmers increase income. This platform to serve as the core, the three rural as the main body, to increase the income for the purpose, to achieve the government, farmers, enterprises to win each other.

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