Vertical electricity supplier wants to break the acquisition of the curse C2B mode to seek a way out

is vertical electric breaking only popular children and beginning of the old liquor business be acquired? Do not think so, "competition of family background" is already old tricks, recently, C2B (network network is trying to aggregate consumer demand oriented reverse mode electricity supplier) launched customized products to take the initiative to reduce bad mouthing vertical industry electric voice.

so-called wine customization, that is, according to the specific needs of customers, from the quality and image design for customers to create a personal exclusive style of the product, simply is the C2B model of wine. Beijing Daily reporter learned that the network network recently began its first sale in its official website of customized products, priced at 198 yuan.

network network CEO to Beijing Daily reporter Li Rui said, this Wine price, taste, shape and origin standards are determined by the user, the network network launched a two month "Wine survey" most suitable for Chinese taste during the activities, attracted the participation of more than 200 thousand people.

Beijing Daily reporter learned from Li Rui, the future network network will be launched for the high-end customers customized Chateau wine series, fashion and entertainment groups for star custom wine series and industry oriented industries demand customized series, its determination to seek breakthrough can be seen.

in the industry view, the advantages of C2B mode is obvious, not only can enhance the interaction between the electricity supplier and the user, but also to maximize the production waste. This allows electricity supplier boss Alibaba has repeatedly made it clear that this year will be the focus of its development as C2B.

data show that last year Tmall double "double 11" rely on the model only within one day to sell 140 thousand pounds of rice, Xinjiang Northeast Organic Organic Apple Akesu 25 thousand pounds, 580 thousand pieces of furniture and building materials, digital household appliances 100 thousand and 2100 vehicles. Alibaba group chief of staff has even admitted that C2B model is the future of e-commerce.

obviously, Li Rui agree with this point of view, he believes that in the case of Tmall, Jingdong and other integrated electricity supplier business increasingly fine differentiation environment, the vertical electricity supplier market is facing multiple extrusion. In this case, if the vertical business rely on the price over the words, in fact, is tantamount to death, must find a new model, but he believes that this breakthrough in customization.

"of course, if the vertical electric like red children and masamaso as being acquired is a way out, but after all is the sponsor", e-commerce experts, leisurely network CEO Li Daishan thinks so, and not every vertical electricity supplier can be like Suning or where the ‘father’, is in any case passively wait for."

However, although the

model has been pushing Ali, but in the last year has vertical electricity supplier on it at a distance. A footwear vertical electricity supplier has told the Beijing Business Daily reporter bluntly, we certainly will not do C2B". In addition, the industry also bluntly, C2B is not a vertical electric providers >

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