The world’s ten fastest growing retailer vip com Jingdong list

February 6th news, recently, the American magazine "STORES" retail industry (STORES Magazine) and DDT (Deloitte) announced the 2017 list of the world’s top 250 retailers, and Jingdong ranked the world’s ten fastest growing large retailers in the top two.


the world’s ten fastest growing retailer




list by enterprises released 2015 annual public data (as of June 2016 fiscal year), among them, ranked the world’s top 250 retailers in 157th, compared with last year rose 89, while retail sales revenue to 2010-2015 compound growth rate of 184.6% of the results once again won the world’s fastest growing retailers.


announced in the same period the world’s top 50 electricity supplier rankings (Top 50 e-retailers), Jingdong to $2015 in fiscal year 27 billion ranked the world’s first, the first is the amazon.

Su Ningyun business in fiscal year 8 billion 100 million of $2015 ranked the world’s top fifth, to $2015 in the fiscal year of $6 billion 84 million electricity supplier revenues among the world’s top ten, ranking the world’s top eighth.