Enterprise mall promotion micro blog Raiders

At present, with the rapid development of

network products, web push should also keep pace with the times, follow the development direction of the times, according to CNNIC released statistics show that in 2010 China’s small scale users reached 63 million 110 thousand people, the use of Internet users in the network group purchase rate of 13.8%, and more is the use of micro-blog marketing has achieved good results, handle network Groupon, such as competing in high quality micro-blog platform, some shopping malls, KTV, catering service industries have also opened micro-blog, released the latest information or promotional merchandise information, the other bank, hospital, wedding and other also started up micro-blog marketing, fully embodies the micro-blog marketing


first, I summed up the micro-blog marketing has the following advantages:

1, micro-blog has the timeliness and rapidity of information dissemination,

2, and now many sites are not directly linked, and micro-blog can leave links to the target site, very convenient.

3, micro-blog has access to information diversity, computers, mobile phones and other terminals can receive information quickly.

4, micro-blog fans has a huge number of great potential market demand, due to the convenience meager, the user can receive information at any time and place, greatly increase the effective time of the message


more than a few points on the micro-blog in marketing, fast, low threshold, convenient, and extensive and very obvious advantages!

secondly, we talk about micro-blog marketing promotion process:

1, first of all, we want to create a micro-blog account, if you are a business or industry is a very influential person, you can go to Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent to apply for certification, certification, you will create a good image is authoritative, micro-blog information can be external search engines more quickly the short-term, also gathered a large number of fans, the information will be more easy to spread.

2, released some interesting text, video, pictures, make people more and more attention and reproduced you, when your popularity reached 10 thousand people, you have the equivalent of a small newspaper, quite powerful, release some limited promotional activities, is the good method of high concern the.

3, in the industry to seize the hot topic, positive interaction, improve the popularity, appropriate to do promotional information, but also can improve attention, and can bring traffic to their website to sell products, is really too.

4, identify the micro-blog crowd, analyze where your potential customers. In this way we will be more targeted, more efficient.

finally we say micro-blog marketing need to pay attention to several points:

1, a very important point, micro-blog advertising must pay attention to skills, do not let people look unhappy, humorous words, fans is God, not