A big wave of Korean goods will enter the two or three line of the city line shop

news March 4th, billion state power network that South Korea international trade company that way today and China sixty O2O retail service providers Beijing Acer technology to achieve cooperation, fast macro will that provide transit link in the two or three line of the city Chinese sales channels, the number of South Korean brands that way in the Chinese sixty platform line shop.


it is reported that the introduction of this cooperation is mainly focused on Korean brands of cosmetics and infant products. The cooperation between the two sides, 35000 line macro will open their service and offline stores into Chinese Korean goods to provide traffic, in addition, fast macro will also be developed in accordance with the two or three characteristics of line city consumer marketing strategy, help their way to further expand the market China sixty.

billion state power network has learned, there are two kinds of goods shop in China introduced line sales: (1) the traditional mode: through that way sixty purchase, in store direct sales. (2) O2O model: the store without the need to purchase, consumers scan code orders in the store, by this way the link shipped directly from South Korea sent to consumers.

it is understood that the South Korean companies that transit link has been committed to the aggregation of local brands in Korea, the Korean beauty, the introduction of China infant supplies and Southeast Asia business platform. This cooperation is not the first South Korean brand introduction China, 2015, one way link has reached cooperation with Chinese largest health and beauty store of Watsons, and three years is expected to provide 180 billion yuan worth of Korean cosmetics.

macro relevant responsible person said, the two or three line of the city China shop is very difficult to find the direct introduction of Korean goods channels, and their cooperation is sixty way can solve this problem, the Korean goods can quickly enter the two or three line of the city commodity circulation market.

data show that, on the platform were gathered. Sixty 140 Korean brands, 100 of which have got the brand direct authorization. Fast Acer is the domestic retail technology service provider, its products include super food in the shopping APP, the lock screen advertising platform, I sent to distribution platform and CRM management system for businesses, providing online customer circulation platform real-time management and trade services, currently has 35000 franchise store.