Amazon holiday shopping season to sell 1 billion items over 70% mobile devices

Amazon Echo speaker


technology news Beijing on December 28th news, this year’s holiday shopping season, Amazon once again set off a shopping spree, sales of new high. Amazon announced data, through Prime and Fulfillment services to send goods has more than 1 billion pieces, the number of Alexa devices to refresh the record number of orders.

on Tuesday, Amazon said in a statement, equipped with Alexa voice recognition software Echo speaker sales hot, compared with the 2015 holiday shopping season, sales increased by more than 9 times this year. Amazon’s global consumer sector CEO Geoff · (Jeff Wilke) said that despite the increase in production capacity, equipment is still in short supply.

to assess the needs of the product a little difficult. If the inventory is too large, the retailer will suffer losses, and the buyer will be disappointed if the quantity is not enough. In mid December, Amazon Echo speakers have been sold. Can be seen from the shortage of Echo voice activation assistant has been recognized by consumers. Consumers can use voice commands to control the device, use it to book pizza, play music, complete other tasks.

Wilke said: Echo and Echo Dot is the best-selling product this year, Amazon, many new users will embrace Alexa, we are very excited."

Amazon also said that during the holiday shopping season, more than 70% of Amazon users through mobile devices shopping.