On the orientation of foreign trade B2C website

online shopping, whether domestic or foreign trade B2C, B2C good, I believe that is a big trend in the next ten years, which is why there are so many people who want to enter the industry, although a lot of people in this industry is underestimating the difficulty and the difficulty. Remember last year, wrote an article on foreign trade B2C site, there are a lot of people in the reprint, talked about the difficulties and obstacles, but it seems to have no impact on the industry to enter the customer. Since the market is so, we are still in line with the market, standing on a positive point of view to provide some of the relative practical information, so that the development of the industry more healthy.

speaking of website positioning, believe that more than seventy or eighty per cent do foreign trade B2C website customer basically did not consider this problem, we still stay in the past extensive foreign trade marketing mode, I think this is the website of the final collapse mainly run for more than. Global orders tend to be small, the flattening of the global information, resulting in shorter procurement channels, product prices more transparent, which is the rise of foreign trade B2C website opportunities, but also challenges. Very simple, you are selling similar products, the price is almost the price, the seller is more and more, more and more platforms, only two years ago, lightinghtebox Chinavasion, now at a bubble, with annual sales of billions of platform in Shenzhen will have a dozen or two ten. Competition is not a little bit fierce, what customers to buy with you, not to buy with your competitors?.

believe that most want to do foreign trade B2C website to promote the concept of customers, that the site’s marketing is a very important part, it can be said that the decision of the site’s survival and death. It’s great to have such a consciousness, but it’s really rare to do so. The reason is very simple, in the current world trade environment, Chinese products homogenization alone is very serious, in the premise of product homogeneity to do trade, differentiated marketing, diversification of marketing channels is the key to winning. Once the differentiation of marketing and diversification of the competitors have also done the time, the difference of the product must be the core of the network marketing is the essence of. Of course, there is still room to operate, if there is no difference in marketing, there is no difference between the products, you sell is the service, which is also possible. But there must be something different from your competitors, which is also the location of the site.

others of big website, we do small but excellent website; tens of thousands of others to do the product line, we locate in which several small industries, several product lines; others do customer groups is as long as it is sold, we only sell 80; others do products like me, I don’t speak the same; others do Ali, dhgate, I do this a few platform also has Google and Bing addition; this is the site of the positioning, have their own strategies, their own ideas, you can understand the customer.