Discussion on the function and advantage of EDM in network marketing

EDM marketing is arguably the most primitive way of network marketing, at the beginning, all is to use this tool to contact my network marketing purposes, such as EDM, QQ, PPC, then the SEO optimization, micro-blog marketing etc.. With the rapid development of the network today, EDM email marketing have no effect? I think the answer is yes, as long as you apply well, many seemingly ordinary marketing, can be what you want to achieve the purpose of network marketing, and ultimately for their own profit. So what should we think about EDM marketing


is the first real EDM marketing is the premise of the user’s permission to deliver some valuable content to the audience through e-mail, rather than those who sell FAPIAO people send some junk advertising. Now the world every day to send 150 billion messages, of which at least 30% of the nature of advertising, the world’s top 500 companies using e-mail marketing, e-mail usage will reach 500 million this year.

China is not a lot of e-mail marketing, but the future is certainly a trend. At present, GROUPON has 30 million mail, and are approved by the user, such as Microsoft, NOKIA, and so on are also very good, but the specific effect?

EDM marketing in the network marketing in the end there is no effect? The United States 2010 mail advertising revenue was $600 million, is expected to reach $630 million this year, these data is certainly useful, or the Americans will not spend so much money. But note that this is in the United States, China is not necessarily, because Americans are very much like to use e-mail, do anything to send e-mail, sometimes a word to send e-mail, and the Chinese people like to send text messages like.

EDM marketing can be developed in China? The answer is yes, at least EDM marketing is a way of network marketing, with the popularity of Chinese e-mail use rate and frequency increases, email marketing in the future is considerable. Network marketing so much, why not EDM marketing? Ziv in this talk about the advantages of e-mail marketing, so that we know in the network marketing promotion, e-mail why is conducive to unbeaten land.

is the first low cost of marketing EDM, can be free, as long as the number of e-mail to find some of the software, you can easily send, you can also find a number of mass mailing platform, very cheap. Followed by EDM marketing fast. In a foreign country is very obvious, some foreigners are generally open the mail client at any time, just like QQ, so there will be the first time to open the message, if the message he is interested, directly point to the past, it is very fast, but Chinese may not be the same.

third is a continuous promotion, this need not explain, if you are a member of the brand appliances, and a variety of accessories and new products by mail, as long as the mail, e-mail can whenever and wherever possible.

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