Juvenile dream so that he became the first generation of two pat micro providers rely on Meng hit th

after several years of hard work, Beck honey snow plush toy store owner Wang Xiuchen has been in Pat has 2 stores and more than a dozen employees, annual sales of nearly 3 million. In October this year, he officially opened the micro pat shop, on-line only 1 months, in the day, Beck Michelle exceeded 70 thousand in sales in 40% pat on the platform, from October he opened a new pat micro shop.

do not know behind these achievements, Wang Xiuchen experienced a painful start of the business, and even suffered serious opposition from his parents, it is his insistence on the dream, let him go to today.

Wang Xiuchen grew up living in a wealthy family, parents have a large plush production plant, perennial Disney and other international famous brand OEM toys factory management, hard work, let Wang Xiuchen parents want him when the engineers rely on technology to eat. In 2007, Wang Xiuchen admitted to a Suzhou Industrial school, his classmates rich that is expensive, more than 20 thousand of the annual fee, cost increasing and friends dinner girlfriend, let Wang Xiuchen initiation open shop to earn pocket money idea, use home advantage and business dividend production plush toys can get first-hand sources, he soon get 3000 yuan a month, far more than the small white-collar city. After graduating from college in 2011, he gave up the overseas students and engineers in high paying jobs, resolutely pat opened a new road of entrepreneurship, but did not get the support at home, the family wanted him to study abroad or enter the high-tech enterprises become an engineer and other students, although Wang Xiuchen has got a university offer Hongkong and Suzhou Industrial Park to find work, but he would prefer to have their own career.

he decided to give up the bright prospects of the 2 good choices, began a new way of doing business. Although the police do not worry, but ushered in a greater challenge. In order to block his entrepreneurial dream, the family began to help him to do wholesale business delivery, mainly for parents every day continuously retail orders so that they get bored, and the day would come out of the dozens of times Wang Xiuchen teeth, parents do ideological work, begin to hire someone to pack, even getting goods from other suppliers, and gradually make the improvement, parents are beginning to believe that he can succeed in the electricity supplier tide, the most important thing is he by Pat platform of the wholesale and retail sales channels.

in October this year, he officially opened their own micro pat shop, simple and free at several pat beat cheap activities, each of the more than and 300 goods are sold out in 1 hours, the public number of new fans reached 50%, which made him keenly aware of the huge prospect pat micro shop, so he began to arrange hand pat micro shop decoration, he fully consider the user’s habits, will pat micro shop decoration to the extreme, each picture are carefully selected, even an important figure head employ hand-painted designer, in order to adapt to the consumer mobile shopping needs. He hoped that every consumer into his shop can recall childhood. In the micro shop goods, he also said, "