Ganji com teamed up with suning com to test the water depth and service providers

August 20th news, recently, Ganji announced a partnership with, the two sides will achieve recruitment, marketing, service and other business cooperation. At the same time, from August 18th to August 22nd, Suning 5 anniversary of national Carnival propaganda has landed station.

just a week ago, Ganji has just announced the completion of over $200 million in financing, and financing most of the money will be used to increase market launch. Ganji put efforts in the market and the obvious to people, large-scale market merchants will bring a good multiplier effect. Therefore, a large number of enterprise customers choose to cooperate with the fair, especially the well-known big brand customers.

Ganji was founded in 2005, is currently one of the largest classified information portal Chinese, provides a number of local life and business service information for users, is the people in the eyes of most classified information website brand awareness. is Su ningyun’s next-generation integrated B2C online shopping platform, has been covering the traditional home appliances, 3C appliances, daily necessities and so on the whole category. The current B2C market share among the top three China. marketing department responsible person said: " brand awareness is very high, the user activity is very high. Because the user is accurate fair user service areas of life, so the user groups and users with relatively high degree, not only can bring a lot of valid users Suning, can make high goodness of fit users will be converted to Suning stable consumer groups believe that growth is very helpful to our sales". is a well-known business, reputation is very good, the domestic annual sales ranking. provides a high cost of living the whole category of products and services in all channels for consumers, can provide great convenience for the user to purchase life, we believe that the two brands will be mutual benefit and win cooperation. Go to the market will further increase the market, while improving the user the ultimate experience for the enterprises to create a better customer benefits." Sales Vice President Wang Zhenghong said.

industry insiders, Ganji’s cooperation with, is a deep foray into the largest living services enterprises with the largest domestic Internet retail enterprises. The 818 anniversary of Suning is one of the most important annual event, chose as key partners, to a certain extent, also proved that the consumer electricity supplier for the highly recognized service platform and flow, it can be said that and the market through cooperation, occupied the field of life services and strategic flow entrance.