Sources said Ali will cancel the micro Amoy and a Yang refers to the background merger


] May 28th news billion state power network, mobile phone or Taobao will face another large-scale adjustment. The day before the news, Ali will cancel the micro Amoy launched last year, and built the wireless tool "one finger" merger.

said the above news, micro Amoy and a Yang refers to the merger, the two will operate in the same background Ali wireless operating center. In the product form, the original micro Amoy custom menu features will be displayed directly in the mobile phone shop, while the store will also be collected and micro Amoy fans get through.


refers to a Taobao in 2012 launched a wireless shop decoration tool

in April of this year, Ali has announced that the phone will be opened with Taobao micro amoy. The specific form of expression: when the new version of the phone Taobao released, micro Amoy account system will open up with Taobao’s system. This means that the seller’s shop and micro Amoy will use the same account, while the Taobao collection store is automatically converted to micro Amoy account fans, so as to avoid sellers operating on both sides at the same time.


micro Amoy and mobile phone shop gradually open up

In addition to

, micro Amoy and a Yang refers to the merger, there will be the following adjustments:

on-line shop data background;

mobile phone shop renovation module from 7 to;

new, preferential information to achieve automatic trigger. From June 4th onwards, the micro Amoy seller’s account on the new and preferential information on the shop will be through the system crawl, automatically in the micro Amoy dynamic display;


shop on the new and preferential information will be automatically crawl system

original gold coin form, group message sending, broadcast, mobile phone micro Amoy top light release four function offline.

however, contact this news billion state power network to Alibaba mobile phone Taobao relevant person in charge, the other said it had no comment on the matter.