Fine thinking very fear micro electricity supplier gifts so arrogant


early in the morning in the office, I heard the boss in the R & D department muttered "gifts" two words. This is not new year’s day, two has not holidays, where the ceremony?… ..

is difficult to focus on the code for one hundred years of the program ape brother focused on the development of micro electricity supplier gifts on the line?! (this ad implanted slightly bitter ~ ~ ~)

pig CMS micro electricity supplier "I want gifts" function, promote the Chinese in virtue of "gifts" close integration with commodity spread, wit in the circle of friends has triggered an upsurge of gifts. Say so much, do not know what this function is?.


"I want to give a gift" function, refers to the fans to buy a commodity, the order can be forwarded to their friends, so that friends fill in the receiving address, to achieve the gift to the gift to the process. In addition, fans can not only send gifts to a single person, but also to many people.

send a single: after the buyer pays the money, the order will be shared to send a friend, so that the other side to fill in the receipt address. In addition, buyers can also fill in the message, and receive the gift of valid time. If no valid time, the gift will be shipped to the buyer to fill in the default address.

sent many people: buyers can be after payment of gift to share the circle of friends, WeChat group, let friends mustering the horsepower to grab. A limited number of first come first served. After the grab fill in the delivery address you can have this gift. Buyers can give the number of each set in order to receive the number, a valid time, and fill in the gift message.

two gift mode, both to enhance the buyer’s purchase fun, but also increase the spread of the merchant’s goods. Fans experience a good marketing effectiveness.

at the moment, to tell a white male god goddess, sublimation and good bestie revolutionary friendship; the holidays, the family elders elders, filial piety, love table table shown, is really a good gift function used inside the function.

fans have been favored, but also businesses happy, pig CMS micro electricity supplier gift function, which is a function of love do not want. (micro signal: pigcms micro-blog: piggy CMS- Hefei shore)

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