Another Japanese kids just play in the princess and the pea double 12

news December 13th, billion state power network that children’s clothing brand MIKIHOUSE HOT BISCUITS of Japan recently settled in the princess and the pea, which has become China third brand partners. According to the cooperation agreement between the two sides, MIKIHOUSE HOT BISCUITS products in December 6, 2016 has been officially sold on pea princess.


MIKIHOUSE BISCUITS settled Pea Princess


it is reported that in this cooperation, the princess and the pea will use multi view content production, multi-channel propaganda etc., introduce every single product style and characteristics in the commodity sales promotion and training, guide the user.

in the double 12 promotional activities just past, the princess and the pea also prepared MIKIHOUSE HOT BISCUITS bags and different types of marketing activities, and through PGC, UGC and other forms of help the brand further penetration in the masses of users.

According to the

MIKIHOUSE HOT billion state power network to understand, BISCUITS is Japan’s high-end children’s clothing brand, in China also have a certain reputation. The product line includes shoes, bags, tableware etc..

Pea Princess is a focus of the day and the white-collar women oriented vertical cross-border electricity supplier platform, has brought together about 1500 brands and more than 10000 kinds of goods. Platform for the presence of brands and products in line with Chinese users to understand the habits of the video and articles to help brands more directly to the Chinese consumers.