Honey bud CEO Liu Nan mother and baby to test the water 1 hours a day to send out the cash of 150 t

live for the electricity supplier to open up a new blue ocean, mother and child circle has been unable to bear. The day before, honey bud maternal electronic business platform the largest official involved in the broadcast field, in the APP on-line broadcast plate to drive sales.


honey bud’s first foray into the live form for more than 10 domestic first-line Master in CBME (Chinese international maternal and infant baby supplies exhibition site to the user), live shopping spree recommended products, its main purpose is to cooperate with the "7.20 mothers day" promotions. However, unlike other platforms is that the audience does not need to send a live audience to send gifts to the anchor, on the contrary, the platform will also distribute red envelopes.


honey bud founder Liu Nan WeChat said in its own, also participated in the live broadcast, and recommend the curiosity, You Nijia, Mead Johnson, Pampers, A2 and other brands, issued 150 thousand yuan in cash, real users 20 thousand people online at the same time, the cumulative number of viewers in the statistics, all kinds of interactive Shuabing really fun." Liu Nan said.

in addition to honey bud APP itself, is still a beauty shot, meme, M live, a live Betta, pepper, and other mainstream App platform live broadcast, and ensure the multi field broadcast intermediate seamless handover. These platforms have also given a very good resource and push the honey bud. On the basis of maintaining the interaction with the honey bud, each broadcast platform for a large number of honey bud powder, while expanding the spread of honey bud brand itself potential energy.