How to choose your own domain name

talk about the development of the main domain name is

domain name and user experience

finally simply say the domain name and search engine

real estate industry has a famous saying: determine the value of real estate is the top 3 factors, location, location.

on the Internet site, it is the domain name, domain name, domain name.

domain name and the user experience this point I put in the first place, since WEB2.0 fire up, the user experience in the Internet, the word is also more and more attention.

user experience User Experience, referred to as UE originally derived from the product or service interaction design. And now it has penetrated into many fields.


a while ago in a web game, had served as Baidu UE white crow teacher, for the user experience here feel very deep. For the user experience of learning, you can search his blog in Baidu.

actually refers to the user experience this, put him on the first.

for example

Before the

Baidu home page on a word called "the Baidu homepage", the first is "Baidu home," added a word, a word of the mobile position, will increase more than thousands of hits every day. This is a small change from the user experience, the effect is huge.

domain name and user experience to grasp the domain name selection process is based on the habits of the visitor groups, cultural background, knowledge background

et al.

many domain names are beginning to localize the development of

in recent years some well-known website have changed a lot, such as Youku original domain name is now replaced by into pinyin, original domain name replaced by The potatoes before bought a lot of traffic because the new users do not know into the.

even Sohu domain name was also should be the first Pinyin domain name has recently changed to

and storm video, etc.

here, these are Chinese habits and background determines the user experience of the principle, the user experience is pure personal subjective feelings, but to understand some common things, also for more people to provide a good user experience. A domain name is a station of the brand, regardless of what you call the station name, but most people want the brand and the name of the station closely.

domain names like this