China’s two or three line city tourism market prospects should seize the opportunity

this year’s National Day golden week around the tourism market is hot, a lot of passenger travel is concerned about the problem of congestion, get together phenomenon is also the most troublesome travel every year. In order to avoid the Golden Week tourism together with people, many people in the National Day Golden Week tourism on the line to choose the two or three line of the city even in remote areas, in a certain sense can be regarded as a return to the essence of tourism, tourism market in the two or three line of the city China prospect is good, but it also gives some tips: do the webmaster friends the two or three line of local tourism website still has great market potential.

in recent years, the local government is aware of the problem of the transformation of resource exhausted city and tourism industry is the best format to drive the development of modern service industry, to vigorously develop the cultural tourism development, and many of the local characteristics of the new tourist area, the tourist attractions not only in consumer prices, the discount rate to attract people’s attention, and most of the development by relying on the good ecological environment for rural tourism projects and has local, entertaining and interesting tourism products, to meet the tourists enjoy the psychological demands of ecology, to ease the pressure.

like National Day of golden week, people in the travel choice in general is a short holiday, so few people choose to love, quiet tourism experience a close to nature and enjoy the quiet state, and during the golden week often city traffic congestion, overcrowding, passengers want to escape the city such a state of life. Family, friends and relatives or friends together to drive their own car, choose to leave home is relatively close to the two or three line of the city, such a choice for the past to get together to ease the situation of tourism.

with the concept of tourism, more and more attention to guide passengers lodging, travel and entertainment, it is not difficult to find the country large tourist website content is often biased to product introduction, although this kind of website content a lot, but can not provide users to complete a full range of travel guide services, such as tourist attractions the characteristics, the most convenient traffic route, what are the special snack eating around, and the local tourism website compared to large portals, whether in content will be more professional, comprehensive, can meet the needs of different customer groups. With the local tourism website operation cost is low, the charge is relatively cheap, as long as the site has a certain reputation, some local businesses such as travel agencies, hotels, restaurants and other native products, but also willing to spend money for advertising.

webmaster do travel web site will generally choose the existing tourism program to do, such as the development cost is too high. At present, the popular program is about change, in blue, TourEx tourism website management system, based on the above three big tourism management system, know to change, according to the blue two function and beautiful interface to be perfect, not focused nature of tourism e-commerce. I chose to use TourEx tourism site management system, only 4 reasons: 1 powerful, some of the basic functions are, does not need to develop two times; 2 pages of beautiful design, reasonable layout, rich in content, template >