Micro business must see the analysis of WeChat marketing circle of friends three common problems

said 2015 is a derivative of the first year, indeed, derivative force is to Shirupozhu the trend of development and grow with! But as derivative force is growing, marketing circle of friends has become a prominent problem! If you do join the army derivative preparation, or are you being a member of this group in the army so, this article will bring you a new vision of the hitherto unknown.

first: the amount of advertising is not equal to the amount of large, but not equal to the high sales. A lot of micro partners may begin to have the misunderstanding, I think, as long as the advertisement number, others will view their own advertising exposure, others see more, always have what they need, will buy! This is typical of idealism, but do not know, the circle of friends advertising is not the quantity, more attention is paid to the quality, in the fine and not hair, the more attractive, also will not have the views, not to mention the deal! Even blocked the blacklist! More haste, less speed.! Calm down, the more high quality circle of friends, do not blindly pursue the number


second: mass does not equal interaction. The mention of this interactive words, many micro partners will think of the point like, sending! Especially the latter, more and more micro business partners use up, also once heard a team of lectures, said mass can cause the other party to pay attention, so as to achieve the purpose of interaction. Indeed, no interaction between friends cannot be called the true meaning of friends, but the mass is really effective? Almost every day I receive mass news, holiday is more rampant, mobile phone is simply a burst of rhythm! But I rarely go to reply to such a message, the reason is very simple, I think to yourself nothing, my time is precious, I don’t have time to talk to them, or that I want to spend the time I think in more meaningful things, sending a Hello, good morning, good weekend, cold clothing, others in addition to reply to you thank you, how to other topics have seen very interesting? Reply, of course also ironic, probably meant to say, give me a mass cold clothing, care for my friends, I really care about you, I make money directly to Alipay, how many are very humorous, But there is a reason, the real interaction is the need to provide value to each other! Only contribute to the interaction in the true sense! At the same time, the sense of participation, trust is also an essential part of


third: don’t stand on the circle of friends, circle of friends behind closed doors! Is a closed space, only friends can see, WeChat and the limited function of friends are limit, only 5000 people, the 5000 men first accuracy is difficult to guarantee, of course, most of the micro partners may have not yet reached to this limit, excluding these factors do not say, every day to the people in this part of the fixed push message, others may not be interested in hard everyday publishing circle of friends, circle of friends to build is good enough, but there is no deal, no agent! Here’s the problem, there is a saying no drainage no micro business, if you don’t learn to do on the Internet, Internet publicity, clinging to the circle of friends, it is the equivalent of.