Micro business play city Micro shop opened local life service


] April 9th news billion state power network, pocket shopping’s Micro shop the new "city near the micro shop" section, the main local life service. However, the service is currently only for two places in Beijing and Hangzhou micro shop owner open.

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at present, billion state power network to understand, the city has service for sellers for investment, mainly for the delicacy, food, beauty, life services, recreational five types of shops. If the store is included in the vicinity of the micro shop section, will be displayed on the home page in accordance with the location of nearby shops.

(pictured: "near the micro shop" location)

in addition, micro shop will be "local life service businesses into a classification of two categories, if the store meets the classification requirements, and the purity is high, the opening of the secured transactions, shops will automatically be included in the plate.

(pictured: "near the micro shop investment categories)

data show that the micro shop is developed by Beijing pocket Fashion Technology Co., Ltd., is to help sellers in the mobile phone shop software, on-line in 2013, and on the line in the buyer’s version in 2014. This year, the micro shop moves frequently, first add a new version of the page, the seller can manage the store through the PC side, and this month to establish a buyer points mall, but also on the line of the international version of the micro shop Youshop.