Gome online joint GREE 100 hour flash purchase preferential 7 Zheqi sale within 2 hours to complete

recently, as the only by the headquarters of GREE direct supply business platform, Gome online and offline stores will be announced in July 30th August 3rd, launched the "100 hour GREE flash sales activities, the slogan is" the miracle came". GREE air conditioner will get tens of thousands of units, including the specification and size of section under the different functions of the air conditioner explosion, 7 fold sales, limited to 100 hours of panic buying, first come first served. As the most professional online shopping appliances Gome online platform, and is known as "the king of the air conditioning, the market penetration of the industry’s leading GREE, joined forces to break the price of ice, for the user to send cool summer at the same time, toward a new record sales push.


100 hours together sprint the fastest within 2 hours to complete the delivery

it is reported that the "100 hours of flash sales, Gome online GREE air-conditioning series will once again create a variety of prices low, the sales machine emperor GREE an inverter air conditioner flash purchase price of 2699 yuan, straight down 570 yuan, 1000 yuan cheaper than the Jingdong; GREE 1.5 inverter air conditioner straight down 870 yuan, flash the purchase price of 2999 yuan; 2 horse GREE air-conditioning and air conditioner, straight down 800 yuan, flash purchase price of 4999 yuan; GREE 3 HP inverter air conditioner than the low Jingdong 981 yuan, flash purchase price of 8999 yuan. Particularly mentioning that the GREE 100 hour flash purchase activities, a variety of GREE air conditioning will be 7 fold sales, meet the needs of different consumer groups.

it is understood that in July 30th August 3rd, Gome online GREE air-conditioning "100 hour flash purchase price by more than the previous big promotion, and create the electricity supplier and the store price" flash "precedent. According to insiders, the United States President Wang Junzhou and GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu personally agreed to mobilize the power to let There was no parallel in history. subvert the norm, allow consumers to enjoy the real benefits, 100 hour sprint 1 billion sales target. The air delivery is slow and time-consuming and laborious installation of pain points, Dong Mingzhu also stressed that to achieve buy, delivering, install all in one service, the fastest within 2 hours to complete delivery and installation. By then, GREE and Gome logistics, service staff will work together to create a day for every consumer Sanda, send one of the ultimate experience.

United States to deepen cooperation to build the strongest electricity supplier GREE supply chain

2014, Gome online has become the only direct supply from the headquarters of GREE business platform, guaranteed 100% authentic licensed. In March this year, the United States online and offline launched the GREE crowd pleasing grab price back to 6 years ago, three days the impact of 500 thousand air conditioners record sales activities shocked the industry, 1800% year sales promotion online and offline, and jointly create a belongs to the air conditioning industry sales record. As the first half of the country occupied the air-conditioning market, GREE brand "100 hour flash purchase will give the United States online users the best summer high temperature solution, foreshadowing for the second half of the more in-depth cooperation.

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