Engage in DC people explain the DC market look more pure market

most people offend IDC counterparts, are ready to sacrifice down, to commemorate the company, just want to market more pure

          long9 does not do the virtual host, GOODY do not do

          do not say anything else, the top 10 times when the space business is not so low price, are called you a two YY, and in the end do not sell cheap space will not work!

          in fact, the space is stable, mainly to see the environment, server hardware, maintenance personnel of the RP is also very important, a stable line of the computer room with stable hardware coupled with the ability to resolve problems timely and careful maintenance management, which constitute the available virtual host guarantee.

          about the price, long9 has said: "we all know that the market, cheap and stable things, but the long-term stability is certainly not, out of space to sell 200 the following I do not know how to make money, I did not earn that you may there is doubt, yesterday and outdated XX brothers chat, XX brothers also said that" if the customer can have the strength, redistribution? 1G20 yuan can do the same. "Here I first is not afraid to offend the XX brothers (you said made this market quasi next step, as you do a period of time will naturally understand why) let’s count a account, if you invested 10 thousand yuan (just say) is a server cost, 500G hard disk, even if only sell above 400G, sold 400 1G, one sold 50 yuan, 400 Is 20 thousand, now that only from the cost, then, even if it is in accordance with the 1G20 XX brothers said, a large hard disk OK, such a view, seems to be profitable, but in fact do so, the ultimate victims or users! Now please stand in the IDC decision makers consider it, if you have a company, is willing to break even a small profit, still looking forward to every aspect of the product are a lot of profit to support the company to a higher realm of development?

          some people will say: "you through a link through the other part of the profits, the profits to let part of the catch back is not it?" But people say that now people are so light, "fine", he can not know which part of your benefit which part of the "black" him? This would offend a person, a famous person (the earliest K666, behind the popular, many owners also use their products) earlier basically close to the cost price of the XX room hosting the rental business, is the market share.