Dangdang com unauthorized sales of Swiss watches quietly off the shelf related products

every reporter Jiang Peifang from Shanghai

after the late June CCTV exposed dangdang.com selling fake CASIO, CCTV "weekly quality report", once again before the incident was reported in detail.

in this regard, dangdang.com said, have been the first time active frame, and self-examination of Casio, at present, consumers can return the application to return.

but the "daily economic news" reporter yesterday (July 9th) found on dangdang.com, although Casio has been off the shelf, but there are still dangdang.com self OMEGA, Longines, Swatch, EBOHR and other well-known Swiss watch sales on its website. Asked whether the relevant products have brand licensing, Dangdang side said that the site has been active and brand communication, hoping to get the license brand.

is wrong, then the reporter yesterday to 17 again when you log on to the website, but found the well-known Swiss brand watches have been quietly off the shelf.

reporter asked why suddenly dangdang.com shelf related well-known Swiss brand watches, the other has not yet have the appropriate response until the deadline.

Dangdang is not authorized to sell brand watches

as the headquarters of the Swatch group Chinese Konecranes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which owns OMEGA, Longines and Swatch and other 19 different categories of brands, the business scope includes the import and distribution of Swatch group brand watches. The company told reporters, Longines, OMEGA and Swatch are not authorized to dangdang.com online sales, to ensure that consumers buy products can enjoy the necessary customer service service, advises consumers to buy related brand watches must be through formal channels.

it is understood that the electricity supplier sales of luxury goods are generally three kinds of sources: overseas buyers purchase, domestic dealers and counterfeit products.

IT legal representative Zhao Zhanling said that the first case if not through the normal customs clearance procedures, involving smuggling. Although the second cases are not authorized, but as long as the goods are not false, even without authorization, the electricity supplier website does not constitute infringement. The third case is a trademark infringement.

China E-Commerce Research Center online shopping rights experts Yao Jianfang believes that, such as the absence of authorization in the case of the sale of related products, which means that consumers can not enjoy the regular after-sales service line.

business observers Lu Zhenwang pointed out that "electricity is often fake and smuggled goods mixed together for online sales, for dangdang.com within its quality checks on the control problem, Shandong that are divided into two kinds: one is the definition of consciously selling fake or smuggled goods, two is due to QC department management is not strict, leading to their own the procurement staff purchasing fake or smuggled goods. But no matter what kind of reasons, if there is no good response and settlement, the impact on the brand are great.

lawyers called for the expansion of the statutory three pack range