Baidu has to restart the recruitment of general manager for the first time publicly unveiled


Baidu has general manager Cai Hu

In May 24th this year to silence

news, Baidu C2C platform for several days, recently has a new action. According to informed sources, Baidu has recently been constantly recruiting, expanding the scale of its BaiduPay is also constantly introducing new features and services.

it is understood that in January this year, Baidu announced that the Japanese electronic commerce website Lotte joint venture to build ultra large integrated B2C online shopping mall. Then in March 10th, Baidu has confirmed that the general manager Li Mingyuan has applied for leave, the appointment of the former general manager of Baidu Union, Cai Hu took over as general manager.

at the time point of view, since Baidu took the B2C Road, so Baidu has become the chicken ribs. Analysys analyst Cao Fei even think that Baidu will be incorporated into the best ah Lotte B2C platform, abandon C2C, to attack B2C.

, however, after two months of silence, Baidu has launched a market activity ah. The day before, Baidu e-commerce business unit general manager Cai Hu was invited to attend the APEC e-commerce business alliance forum, this is since Cai Hu took office in charge of Baidu has ah and the payment business for the first time in public appearances.

Cai Hu said, we see the current form of "ah" is the starting point to explore the Baidu e-commerce, Baidu has ah deep integration will focus on e-commerce and search engine, connecting both ends of the needs of consumers and businesses, build e-commerce platform for innovation.

Cai Hu said in his speech, Baidu in the past few years has been in the research community and seamless search engine, e-commerce, e-commerce forms in the future will be more diversified, more open, more rich model and platform.

the next phase of Baidu will continue to move forward in this direction, to create innovative business model, so that consumers get the perfect experience, allowing businesses to effectively promote their products and services and make money."

Cai Hu said he is very optimistic about the search and e-commerce combined with the prospect of "data shows that the search engine each increase of 1 yuan investment, will bring 45.68 yuan revenue for the network economy, so the pulling effect, the future will be more relying on e-commerce to achieve landing. Search engine and electronic commerce are inseparable in essence, even in a sense is the root of one thing."

is reported that the APEC e-commerce business alliance forum organized by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Ministry of Commerce, is the greater impact of the international conference in the Asia Pacific region. This time, in the "China e e-commerce value list awards ceremony, Baidu has won the" top ten enterprises e-commerce growth Chinese innovation award.

industry insiders believe that Baidu has ah invited to participate and join the Committee of experts, fully embodies the more and the continuous innovation in the field of electronic commerce industry more widely recognized, its prospects by expectations.