The essence of the phenomenon behind the group buying network

network group purchase mode from the United States, formally brought into the China should be 2009 time, how much time to community SNS late not, but the real power and increased the speed of community network can not be compared, what regiment, thousands of groups, 000 regiments, more than a year all, everywhere advertising information, group purchase network television advertising, bus, subway, pulled the wind net a lot, people have to face, here a group, where a group of. I personally think that the reason why the fire can have the following:

1 can really bring benefits to the people, cheap well, no one does not pay attention, no one does not like, rushed to the price of

2 network group purchase mode is not a profit model, but a scientific network of online promotion, network marketing means, can use every day to launch a new product, a low price to attract the eye, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting the site itself, gathered popularity, also can earn a little small, in large group purchase network I’m sure never expect itself to earn that group purchase price, accumulated is the goal, finally pulled the venture or the final listing is the ultimate. Take a look at the handle will be able to understand the profound meaning of the last online online activities, I think it is the game and buy two kinds, of course, dating community also count.

3 buy network seems to work with a number of businesses to help businesses achieve the purpose of promoting a business visibility. Products can be said to be dynamic, uncertain, not lasting, but if you can not rely on this kind of non terminal business, avoid by a forced businesses to cut prices so as to achieve the post intermediate profit objective, after all this by a little profit poor slaughter businesses earn big money is not a good way, of course this money could not long survive. There is no other way to make money? The answer is yes, if the network group purchase can be directly applied to one or more mobile manufacturers and cooperation is not the same, one can solve the problem of logistics, transport does not exist, there is no inventory, and to avoid middlemen, direct listing one or more of the low price sales. Some people want to ask, is this buy it with the B2C site is different?. The first B2C generally need to self logistics and inventory, and it only needs a vendor group purchase goods, sell the products sold today, tomorrow another product, every day is not the same, which sell to sell a certain cycle of time which can change the price in exchange, this is the charm of the group purchase, flexible. If you want to say B2C mall is a regular army, then buy is a combination of guerrilla stations and sports stations.

4 buy network can make money? Certainly can earn, but want to buy their own price difference to make money is not realistic, the previous analysis. But the general individual or group operations, to expand on the burn, see the U.S. group, handle them at present certainly can not make money, of course they are not to make money for the purpose of group purchase, this money is not enough investor interest. For small groups can buy through the group to buy this camp sales model to quickly gather popularity, which slowly to other effective profit model close, after all, buy also >