The double challenge the mobile providers each block lead to user dissatisfaction

newspaper news (reporter Xue Song) Alibaba Chairman Ma and Tencent chairman Ma Huateng recently described the strike violently. Following the WeChat blocked links, the phone Taobao confirmed to reporters yesterday, also on Friday to shield WeChat, on the grounds that user security is threatened. The reporter found that mobile phone testing, Taobao has shut down from WeChat jump to Taobao goods and store channels, enter and shop goods from Taobao WeChat click on the link, it will jump to the page to download and install Taobao mobile phone. This makes Taobao rely heavily on WeChat promotion Taobao stores complain incessantly.

why to close the WeChat channel, Taobao gives the reason is: WeChat is not safe, we blocked the." Taobao said: "a large number of mobile phone users, WeChat through the circle of friends or marketing, click on the link sent into the fake Taobao shop, two empty money fall into the trap, some users also strayed phishing links, payment account number and password are taking, bank card stolen funds, the threat of personal privacy and security of consumers."

the company also said recently, WeChat users rapid growth, many businesses see WeChat as a new marketing channel, but the low threshold authentication system – WeChat account with only one QQ number or mobile phone number can be in the WeChat store, not only for the case with WeChat fraud occurred frequently, more let master criminals to the user’s privacy information.

later, the WeChat team also called "tit for tat, fake Taobao to enter, WeChat business users feel at ease". The WeChat team said, Taobao this initiative broke into WeChat’s shop false channel, it must give him praise. Unfortunately, the normal link and user sharing can not be shared in WeChat.


: Ali had to defend WeChat

although the two giants on the surface are known for the sake of user safety, but the industry generally believe that the ban is actually a battle for the site". Especially Alibaba, in the face of WeChat overbearing offensive, these actions are forced to take defensive measures. An electricity supplier who said: once the WeChat payment system established, the threat for Taobao will be huge. If Taobao does not take certain measures, can only watch the user churn."

Ali’s down, mobile phone Taobao, Alipay wallet is considered to be the three swords Alibaba to the mobile terminal or WeChat attack. Ali also produced a class of WeChat products from". At the same time, Taobao mobile phone public platform "micro Amoy account" to non Taobao businesses and individuals officially open, Alipay wallet also foreign free public accounts.