Sea Amoy traceability throughout the lattice was traced to the baby selling The truth is revealed

recently, called a "fake" baby diapers lattice article in the maternal community and media diffusion. The consumer is the real rights, or malicious slander? Today, things are finally made new progress, baby checked the statement in its official micro-blog, said the network posted by malicious slander released "baby diapers lattice fake", has seriously infringed upon the right of reputation of our company, and has retained the relevant evidence next to the court proceedings rights reserved.

baby lattice announcement letter


we review about "baby diapers" fake lattice of what happened:

in November 7, 2016, a baby fans rebellion someone in the lattice baby tree, mother help and other media content is the anonymous posting, buy diapers in the baby after the red plaid, child ass, and to determine whether the sale of fake baby diapers for lattice.


" posted screenshots:




" posted screenshots:

baby tree


followed by including Chinese Baby online, Baidu post bar, baby care forums and other maternal and child communities and the media have been searched for relevant content, and content description, logistics information is completely consistent.

According to

information, small telephone contact with the relevant person in charge of the baby checked, according to the official response: the baby has mastered enough evidence that the lattice post content for malicious slander, and can provide the entry of goods related to commodity inspection certificate for the goods from the single to the real overseas procurement channels.

according to the series of more in-depth understanding of the use of buying in the baby baby show lattice Kao urine, red ass phenomenon. But the baby red buttock is used in the text for the January 28, 2014 release in a community of users to consult Bao Baohong ass how to treat photos.


figure: red ass photos of the real source for the 2014 release of others

baby said: the first time lattice in the post issue have been linked to express a single number "80000017456627" users, but the other phone has been in a state of no answer. At present, its behavior has seriously damaged the image of our company and the sale of goods in the market reputation. The current sea Amoy consumer groups are growing, the original intention of the sea Amoy is to buy foreign high standards, high security products. Consumers as vulnerable groups, the authenticity of the commodity is not high degree of identification. There is no shortage of bad to people, using the mass media campaign, touch sensitive nerves of consumers. It needs more authority to supervise and manage. All the goods sold in the baby lattice are purchased through legal channels, entry, 100%>