How to improve sales of shopping website

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network owners began to conduct e-commerce, simply sell things online, this article will share with you the golden Wangzhuan shopping website how to seize the hearts of consumers for marketing.

first, before entering the site:

users before entering the site what they need is not clear, at this time the focus of marketing is to attract consumer attention, arouse consumer brand memory. Basic strategy: the website must have the first screen mate in propaganda posters, paintings, to highlight the main visual effect, first is the only enterprise posters, but also with bright colors or patterns in large posters, strongly seize the consumer’s attention; to highlight the brand identity, let the consumer perception of brand the existence of enterprises to arouse consumers’ brand memory.

second, enter the website:

into the site, consumers have to go through the relevant channels to reach the appropriate page, this time the focus of marketing strategy is to strengthen the consumer brand memory, causing consumers to buy interest. Basic strategy: conspicuous posters on product advertising in each page at this time, in addition to the bright colors and specific brand logo to enhance consumer brand of memory, to highlight the brand and products in the posters give the interests of consumers, so that consumers have the category of representative brand Lenovo. Which attracted the interest of consumers.

third, select category:

category is the classification of information in the minds of consumers, consumers of tens of thousands of product information is used to classify similar representative, and usually only remember this kind of product brand, mutual promotion between category and representative brand, jointly affect consumer awareness. When consumers are interested in a product, consumers will first choose the category, this time the focus of marketing strategy is to strengthen consumer confidence in the category of choice. Basic strategy: Based on the overall site planning category area, create a good atmosphere, and highlight the enterprise brand and to the interests of consumers, strengthen consumer confidence in the category selection will also strengthen the consumer interest in the enterprise brand.

In fourth,

website product classification: when consumers choose a good product category, the category will be conducted in the region, the key is to highlight the marketing strategy of our products, so that consumers have the desire to buy for our brand. The basic strategy in regional category pages, using the stack, image display center special display mode, to seize the attention of consumers, enhance brand and product exposure rate, strengthen brand interest, stimulate consumer desire to buy for our brand.

fifth users, before buying: when consumers desire to buy the brand, brand and product will further collect the information and make decisions on the page, consumers will further observe the goods to confirm the brand selection and specific product selection, at this time, the marketing strategy focus is to clearly inform the brand and products to the interests of consumers. The basic strategy is based on the point of sale of product packaging, product introduction >