Li Guoqing reflect Dangdang did not want to do 16 years of financial waste in the price war

Dangdang founder Li Guoqing

October 28th, at the Boao forum for Asia – global electricity supplier leaders summit in 2016, Dangdang founder and CEO Li Guoqing delivered a speech. Li Guoqing said the share of self criticism, said Dangdang has been developed for 16 years, but many of the things they want to do initially did not do, but the waste of money in the price war.

After reflecting on the past

, Li Guoqing proposed five new forecasts for the future development of the electricity supplier pattern:

1 network media multi competition;

2 vertical electricity supplier platform to usher in consumer upgrades;

3 integrated business platform five aspect;

4 electronic business platform to the media;

5 data to create win-win ecology.

Li Guoqing has a "big mouth" in the field of Internet, he broke a lot of dirt in the speech, come and have a look at it.

following Li Guoqing speech record, the electricity supplier online finishing:

good morning! My share of the morning is self critical. If you do not have a lot of reflection over the past sixteen years, it is difficult to describe the future more.

China books is 70 billion, if the primary and middle school teaching material, etc. removed, leaving 36 billion. Dangdang is very fortunate, struggling for 16 years, and finally sold a total of about about 10000000000, is sold by a Dangdang of the. Unfortunately, a lot of innovation is not what I want to do 16 years ago, the main reason is: the first five years and Taobao competition, the competition for the past second years and the Amazon, the third is the Jingdong for five years. My money is wasted on the price war!

does it really make a big difference?

sixteen years ago, we took PPT to the bookstores and publishing houses. At that time did not seem to achieve a few. For example, we said at that time, your stock will have a better sales channels, and then I thought, these sixteen years, we are not stable flow, as if not only did not digest inventory, but also made a lot of inventory.

at that time we said that your book and the reader can contact, can solve many bookstores to buy books in the past difficult, difficult to sell books. Indeed, we have 1 million 100 thousand kinds of books on the Internet, there are also more than 230 thousand kinds of physical bookstores, you are more, the reader can not touch, can not reach, but really convenient to buy books?

last year, a number of Peking University alumni to dinner, whenever a little knowledge of the people do not look at the brim of the list, press the brush, self consumption. I sixteen years, only I and the CTO of the three to know the logic behind the list, the other side of the business do not know, we have a bunch of anti cheating methods.

a gangster book, said I bought ten thousand instinct cannot enter the charts Dangdang? I said no, we have more than two is two, so the wholesale and >