Li Ze buy the right to rely on the network to make money without money to gradually break the rules

recently, I saw a very hot fire network on the Internet, the name is very long, it is the title of the party: "sister wallet is not money, a lot of good". Look for a long time, understand, this is the network buy. In addition, when you go to work every day, do you have a lot of greetings from your colleagues?. It is conceivable that the group has been changing the way of life of Chinese Internet users. Have to say, it is to cultivate the majority of Internet users on the Internet to promote awareness of online shopping, group purchase of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, the development of the Internet has a very active role, but a number of relevant departments recently announced that 30% – 50% of the consumers to buy tickets do not use group purchase. After the purchase is not a refund, the money will become a net profit to buy the site, which has become the unspoken rules buy industry.

strange phenomenon: many people do not buy

many people wonder why the volume bought not? In fact, there are many reasons, according to the survey, there are 30% to 50% of consumers as busy work, not good reason not to consume the appointment time, also has a large number of consumers to the scene feeling and group purchase description are very large, but disappointed not for consumption. And not spending money, buy site does not refund.

I have

friends is a crazy group purchase enthusiasts, as female white-collar workplace in her bag, always take a pile of coupons, not on the mobile phone has confirmed the group purchase message. These items include beauty salons, restaurants, massage, bath, small commodities and other fields.

: unspoken rule development has broken

users group purchase risk

I observed, from March only 35 domestic group purchase website home group purchase website, but now the group purchase site has a total of nearly 1200, which does not include the amateur team, such a large group purchase market development to the present many inevitable deposition after consumption and group purchase group purchase not satisfied after not back section of the situation. These users because of these reasons will inevitably lead to no longer participate in the network to buy, and even will have a great distrust of online shopping. When this part of the growing number of users, the development of the market will be bought by the great setback. The reason is very simple, "God" has not dare to consume.

is a user trust sky is king

girl group CEO Xiong Xiaoling said that the healthy development of the market to buy, inseparable from the user’s trust. Only do a good job of the user, so that users dare to buy, so that the user to minimize risk to buy in order to have a better development. She also said the girl had experienced user group purchase group has said that the group purchase items in for various reasons did not consume success, hope to have a refund service, allowing users to start. Because the girl group is the cosmetics group purchase website, in order to reduce the risk of online shopping users, which introduced the "girl group seven days back service, that is to say, every girl user group in the seven days of the goods due to various reasons are not satisfied, shall be refunded to the user.