The Asia domain name rush received 300 thousand applications

DotAsia Organisation is pleased to announce the ".Asia" domain name has started landing. In the first 24 hours, the registry received a total of 266663 applications, indicating that the world has a great interest in this highly respected online location in asia. Including the sunrise period, the pioneer period and landing phase of the first day of the new domain name application, a total of 298861 copies. The domain name ".Asia" beach season starts in February 20, 2008 and ends in March 12th.

The new model with the traditional "

DotAsia with the first come first served", whether in the first or second landing phase submitted at the end of the day, all applications have equal opportunities. If a domain name has two or more applicants, the domain name will be auctioned between applicants. If a domain name has only one applicant, there is no need for an auction, which will be distributed directly to the applicant. Only in the landing period (February 20th -3 12) are eligible to participate in the application domain name auction.

DotAsia, chief executive officer Zhong Hongan said: "we vied for the period of the smooth start to feel excited. Applicants are very enthusiastic, indicating their strong demand for ".Asia". In the past when a new domain name, in the first few seconds, applicants in order to compete for the best domain name and lead to confusion. Now is not the same, applicants have up to 20 days to submit an application, do not worry about losing opportunities. Similarly, we are excited to participate actively in the Asian family, the top 10 domain name registrar, there are 5 from asia."

landing phase of the application, 35% from Asia, 40% from North America, 24% from europe. There are about 28000 domain names for more than two applications. According to the order, the first 10 days before the domain name registrar: Dotalliance Inc. (, EuroDNS S.A. (, Communigal Communications Ltd.,, Gabia, HiChina Web Solutions, Key-Systems (,, DomainPeople, eName Corp. Inc. (