Preparing for double 11 Tencent Jingdong want to engage in what ghost

Abstract: in two days before the conference, with the news of the Tencent is to announce the acquisition of a wholly-owned Jingdong, accompanied by the release of Beijing Teng plan ", the news of a false news, but also pocketed the eye.

Liu Qiangdong and

"welcome to the haze so serious today gathered here, to witness the birth of a new platform under the combination." Lang Yongchun with the familiar voice of the beginning of a conference in Beijing presided over the work.

two days ago in October 15th, after Lang Yongchun’s first appearance in the CCTV to host the identity of the appearance of the Sichuan in Mianyang, presided over a conference on e-commerce, the speaker of the day there is a Liu Qiangdong.

in October 17th, and is under the auspices of Lang Yongchun, Liu Qiangdong and Liu Qiangdong came to power again, the meeting became the protagonist, another protagonist is not long ago to Liu Qiangdong witness Ma Huateng. They jointly announced the launch of the Beijing Teng plan in Beijing, and will come up with each other’s strongest resources to create a business model known as commodity business platform.

seems to enlarge the recruit cooperation, what to do?

two days before the press conference, there is news that Tencent is to announce the acquisition of a wholly owned Jingdong, along with the Beijing Teng plan release, the news of course, turned into a false message, but also make enough eye.

‘s products are defined as "business model innovation platform" is not a new APP or a web site, said not to a business platform, is aiming to build a new model of e-commerce Internet plus era.

Jingdong group Xiong Qingyun introduced to 80, 90, with the rise of emerging consumer groups, user demand, purchase behavior, communication and interaction are undergoing tremendous changes, through the discovery of cooperation with Tencent, in the ecological can effectively reach the target consumer groups to personalized, fragmentation of society, and provide a better consumer experience. So, this cooperation is based on social and mobile market changes and make strategic layout.

since 2014, Tencent and Jingdong cooperation, Tencent in WeChat, Q and other products on the open interface for Jingdong, Jingdong has brought a lot of traffic and revenue. About Tencent and starting from 2014, a Jingdong responsible person told the Jingdong within the overall titanium media is recognized, but if you want to give this year of cooperation rate, should be 60 minutes or even fail, because the two sides still in the running in period, resource sharing is not fully use it, then the Jingdong will usher in a large outbreak of growth data in WeChat, Q and other products on the hand.

announced the innovative model, including the Jingdong settled in the name of the brand to provide accurate portrait of businesses, multi story, quality experience and other marketing solutions. Based on the combination of Tencent social data and Jingdong shopping data to provide consumers with a more accurate target consumer groups portrait, >