Secret micro providers three martial arts Cheats Red precision marketing

to understand the micro business, it is necessary to start from WeChat circle of friends. As is known to all, WeChat is a free application for Tencent Inc to provide instant messaging services for smart terminals in early 2011. WeChat circle of friends is a social feature on WeChat, on 2012 on-line, users can publish text and pictures through the circle of friends, while other software can be used to share the article or music circle of friends. Just over 3 years, along with the emergence of WeChat circle of friends, relying on its sales of goods WeChat business groups also from scratch, and gradually grow.

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derivative is a kind of group, how they market their products in WeChat? This circle of friends is different from Taobao’s new business arena, in order to achieve marketing success, what martial arts cheats? The reporter recently interviewed a number of micro operators responsible person, one by one to you.

strategy: Red + precision marketing

believe that many people have been WeChat advertising circle of friends Shuabing experience. WeChat circle of friends has become a new battlefield many businesses are opening up. The latest statistics show that as of the first quarter of this year, WeChat has covered more than 90% of China’s smart phones, monthly active users reached 549 million, covering more than more than and 200 countries, more than 20 languages. In addition, the total number of public accounts WeChat brand has more than 8 million, the number of mobile applications docking more than 85 thousand, WeChat payment users reached about 400 million.

huge user base is a huge potential business opportunities. For many people to see the business opportunities, WeChat circle of friends to do product marketing, how to open customer resources, is undoubtedly the first issue to be considered.

80 Jiang Xiaolong is Harbin bright eye pupil biotechnology company’s e-commerce manager, his idea is through the red + precision marketing strategy to open up the market. "I’m in the circle of friends sent a message saying" like a surprise ", soon more than and 100 people praise!" Jiang Xiaolong told reporters, "I’ll give each point of praise sent 8.8 yuan red envelope, with each other again say they have many eye care products the question to ask, ask them put yourself into the WeChat circle of friends. Then I went to each other’s circle of friends, take the initiative to add every person that you want to hand eye knowledge exchange, so there is a potential consumer groups is more precise, so as to establish a preliminary customer base".

has a customer base, Jiang Xiaolong searched for a lot of knowledge about eye protection, regularly share to WeChat circle of friends, the initiative to set the topic, and people interested in interaction. "This is about 1 months, I began to do the treatment of eye diseases product brand marketing, will naturally open the market." Jiang Xiaolong quite proud.

also made a successful product marketing and headquarters is located in Beijing Wudaokou West master hamburger in the WeChat circle of friends. Baidu index shows that the West master hamburger within a week the attention surged 10 times. Reporters in the