Cao Fushi Taobao sellers how to enhance the credibility of the shop

shop credit in the process of screening buyers, is also an essential reference factor. There are shopping rich buyers will subconsciously think, only to buy things in the store that has high credit security, if we store credit is not high, we will double the pay to upgrade their store credit.

a, accumulation of

shop selling products, selling the integrity. Only the integrity of the seller in order to go further on Taobao Road, go wider. Shop the shop at the beginning, there will be a lot of credit people to sell a credit service, through the letter and the big publicity. Just for the shop, the temptation is indeed great, but we want to change a point of view, the credit people also have our place to learn, that is their propaganda way, if we adopt their way to sell and sell our products, sales will grow slowly. The level of store credit can not determine the sales of a store. Brush out the credit can only, only one picture in there, there is no real thing. But slowly sold out of the credit, which contains the sales of the product, the owner’s efforts, the accumulation of popularity, such a credit is very full, but also conducive to the promotion of all aspects of our store operations. Today we sell a product, we have a truly belongs to our own customers, the customer will shop days and months multiplying, we more and more, strengthen the service, consolidate the owners and customers directly, then we will be able to accumulate more and more popular, and there are many old customers looking at our shop, so credit slowly increase.

two, promotion

shop credit is the product sales and buyers praise carrier. The store wants to get better sales, it must be promoted, regardless of free, paid to do. The early start of the store, we can choose some free promotion, such as soft Wen promotion, community promotion, mail promotion, want promotion, to a certain extent, we can use the train promotion, diamond booth promotion and other advertising pay promotion, this shop credit will slowly improve.

three, active

a good event, you can quickly promote the promotion of credit. As long as we shop to participate in the activities of the conditions, we will strive to participate in each of the qualified activities. Taobao’s activities are also divided into two kinds, one is free, one is paid. We still choose free activities, after the store to mature, you can try some paid activities.

four, service

the seller provides the high quality service refers to the pre-sale, sale, customer service to provide a satisfactory service for Ann mak. The most important thing is to grasp the psychology of buyers, pay attention to every word that the buyer to the heart. Attitude must be sincere, so that each service is peaceful development, do not arouse the buyer’s mood swings. Our service is aimed at customer satisfaction. There are almost a few questions about the customer, but there are also special and difficult questions