96106 test the new car terminal can be a key conversation with passengers

July 16th, Qi Hua Communications Co., Ltd. began to update its 96106 call center car terminal. The biggest highlight of this update is on the new platform, once the driver grab a single success, press the call button can be directly linked to passengers.

some time ago, the Beijing municipal government has introduced a series of policies for the rapid development of mobile phone taxi software restrictions. These policies are understood as "folk Zhaoan policy". Under the policy constraints, the traditional vehicle terminal to become more important for the driver.

but with respect to the taxi software, vehicle terminals in the functional lag has been criticized. The most important point is that the driver can not real-time communication with passengers, the vehicle terminal can only realize the traditional internal driver and call center communication terminal, the new just to make up for this shortcoming, the driver and passengers to communicate, reduce intermediate procedures, and also reduce the risk of a key call dial call driver.

after the "amnesty" policy introduced, Beijing’s official car platform called the rapid updating of the vehicle terminal, which is understood as matching with the taxi application in function, so as to further the integration of other taxi applications, or even replace.

addition. The new car terminal is also called the car software, called the car, called the car on the Internet, three kinds of vehicles called the channel integration, these three kinds of car information can be sent directly to the vehicle terminal, which is the first time in Beijing.

and for passengers in the location of fuzzy description, drivers complained hard to find problems, the new vehicle terminal also provides navigation function, when the order is reached, the terminal will automatically lock the passenger seat, the driver just select "navigation keys, I want to go here", the system can automatically navigate to the location of the passengers on the bus.

at present, the new car terminal has started on its 100 taxi free installation, the future will be installed on all the more than 20 thousand taxis.