Ali fake security director proportion is declining calls for global cooperation crackdown

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on May 18th news, according to the Reuters exclusive in French Open Cloud group’s number of luxury brands in the United States due to the problem of fake group Alibaba sued a few days later, Ali network security director Ni Liang said in an interview at any time, cooperation is better than go to court.

French Open Cloud group Gucci, Laurent brand in New York on Friday, the federal court in Manhattan, said Ali, Ali deliberately indulge the counterfeiters, so that the latter in global sales of their products may be.

Ni Liang led Ali fake team. He said that if the brand selection and Ali group’s cloud luxury open consultations, rather than the prosecution, so these brands have a better chance of the banned fake transactions get in by every opening.

has been accused of Ali in the past to combat violations of intellectual property rights is not enough. Prior to the completion of a record $25 billion in September last year, IPO, Ali will also be listed as a major risk in the prospectus.

"I believe, compared and cooperate with us to pay for litigation will have a completely different results," Ni Liang told reporters in Ali network security headquarters said, "even if a brand does not cooperate with us, we will still fight for their fake…… However, the effect of the fake cooperation will be better."


now has 2000 employees responsible for the crackdown. In the Ali network security command center, a computer screen covering the entire wall is a real-time record of the company intends to release suspected fake links, and show that they try to sell the brand. Had been found to try to sell fake manufacturers will be tracked.

Ni Liang said, another 5000 distributed in the whole of China, volunteers to help Ali to confirm the sale of fake manufacturers, including sellers and buyers. He said that Ali spent 100 million yuan last year, secretly buy products to verify whether it is genuine. Ni Liang said that this figure will be raised to 150 million yuan this year. "I believe in counterfeiting efforts, we spend more than any one of the world’s platform or the company will," he said.

Ni Liang said that, on the whole, the proportion of counterfeit products in the transaction on the Ali platform in the fall. However, Ali found last year, the number of fake goods reached 130 million, compared with 2012, an increase of 80 million of the 2/3.

Ali said they could not indicate any brand name to counterfeiters counterfeit, but tracking the data on the screen display, more than 5000 attempt to release suspected fake links are detected and removed before noon.

Ali platform for some of the products seem to be genuine advertising, and some look is obviously high imitation. Ni Liang said it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the product from the photos. Imitation genuine products may not infringe intellectual property rights.

brands and industry organizations complain that Ali makes it difficult to remove suspected fake product links. Ni Liang said his team went to

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