The price war cosmetics electricity supplier United States together with Le bee lost


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recently the domestic cosmetics electricity supplier big two: Le bee war with, the Internet and electricity supplier concerned. From the explosion of red Chen EC, Le bee "peach Festival Promotion", then anniversary ahead of time to March 1st so far, the two largest cosmetics giant gun dance real sword, see under the truth, many people know the music bee just a little bit worse. The electricity supplier price war set fire to the cosmetics, the cosmetics business is a disaster, and I do not know how much electricity died in a road, music to beauty lit the flame, it cannot be extinguished.


(a) loser roots

and are doing because of Le bee beauty, develop to a certain scale and stage, channels, marketing and other related resource competition is inevitable, especially the big discount and high-quality resources are scarce. You set the first, I did not have a share or less, users and sales will naturally less, and so a series of chain reaction, the impact of ranking. The meaning behind the Yuezhan another layer of beauty is because the two have the same investors, investors are competing for resources invasion, perhaps for investors is also very helpless, the initial investment to evolve into today, is a huge profit industry is serious, will therefore decline in profits.

(two) price war is a war without end

electricity supplier price war burned for so many years, fighting for so many years, finally still not the end, price war is really a war that is a temporarily unable to stop the war, reconstruction after the flames of war, reconstruction after the battles. Jingdong, Dangdang, Suning, the United States and other countries have never given up the way of price war, is a choice to be the only way. But also burn up cosmetics electricity supplier price war, a huge profit of the industry began to shuffle, low drag, drag the dead behind many of the companies, the market is fighting a user, users love to develop, is an inevitable trend.

we all know that the war has always been not fight at outrance, while the electricity supplier price war too, want to win in this process is difficult to achieve, let alone win, Le bee and enmity is long, ready for the cosmetics electricity supplier reshuffle era.

(three) consumers are accustomed to develop user churn

in the absence of Le bee and price war, many people still think that cosmetics are very expensive. But after the price war, the consumer’s thinking changed again, since it is able to fight the war, then the price is still lower, the impact of the retail industry is also due to this. The high-end image of cosmetics will be rewritten, which is the impact of electricity providers, the Internet era, it is difficult to survive high price. So le bee and first began to pay "Lolita" form of plan cost, there are a lot of follow-up investment, "the child" once landed unless killed her. "

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